Temecula Murrieta Newborn Photographer- Baby S- Livie's Quilts

This photo shoot was special to me. Those quilts you see this little guy on are not just any quilts, they are Livie's Quilts. Crystal and I have been friends since my college days, we both married around the same time and had all our kids within weeks of each other. When we were pregnant, we had the same doctor and would pass each other by at the doctor's office for our check ups...of course we would have to stop and chat a bit. When Crystal became pregnant with Olivia, she told me that they found some "abnormalities" with her heart and that they would have to have surgery after she was born, but everything should be fine. When Olivia was born, her heart condition was much worst that the doctors had previously thought and Crystal and her family stayed at the hospital for months, while the doctors tried to heal her. Sadly, she passed away only a few months after she was born. Soon after her passing, Crystal and her mom started making Livie's Quilt's in memory of her. While at the hospital, they saw a need to help comfort parents and give them something to hold. The Livie's Quilt slogan is "A heart for every season." On the life quilt, there is a heart with the name of your child embroidered in the center. I received one at my baby shower, when I had Evan and he sleeps with it every night. They have different lines for their quilts:
The Life Line- A perfect gift for newborn babies. It has nine squares, with a double heart in the middle that has the baby's name embroidered in it.
The Love Line: Great for a wedding gift or any occasion. Adult size, it is a 20 square quilt, with triple hearts on the border.
The Loss Line: Come in both 20 square for adults and 9 square for babies, with a half and half heart. Usually given after a miscarriage or death. 
Their website should be up in 3 months or so and you can purchase the quilts there. It's www.liviesheartdesign.com
The little guy you see below is Olivia's brother. He is the perfect little model :) Here are a few of my favorites from his newborn session:






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