Murrieta Newborn Photographer: Custom Frames I love them! They can make, create, or help a room look complete. Before I had Evan, I knew I had to put frames up in his nursery. Now that they are up, it makes the room feel perfect! When I am feeding Evan at sleepy as I am...when I look up, these put a smile on my face :) To me, this is what photography is all about...displaying those precious moments that go by so's not just digital files that are on my computer, that I never do anything with. I love the way these frames look and the way they make me feel :)
These frame(s) are in all of my packages. The best part is, because they are custom made, you get to choose whatever color(s) you want! If your interested, please contact me for more information :)

frames-1 - Copy


This is in Kaylee's room. I have a frame that display's a picture of her, from her 5th birthday photo shoot:


LOVE....the double stack. This frame is in all my packages :)


All my packages come with a custom frame(s). You choose whatever colors you like...there are soooo many:



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