First Day of Kindergarten

I never thought this day would come as quickly as it did. Kaylee started her first day of Kindergarten today. I am full of various emotions...happy for her, excited, worried. The school seems so big for my little baby...but then again, she is not a little baby anymore. The past couple weeks she has been so excited to start school...she has been telling me what a big girl she is and how she gets to start kindergarten :) The morning started well, I got Kaylee and I dressed....we took some pictures in our backyard and then headed to school (Thank goodness Nana was there to watch my other two kiddos) Kaylee was perfectly happy until she had to line up...she knew that would mean her dad and I would have to go...fortunately, I was not alone...there was another girl having the same problem. So I walked her into class, told her I loved her and I would see her soon....she cried. I knew I had to run out or she would freak out I hard. Even though I know she will be ok in a few minutes, it's hard to walk (or run) away. We went through this same process with preschool, but it doesn't make it any easier. Here's some pics we took this morning:










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