I can't believe my little baby is going to be 5 next month. I was always told that they grow up fast, but no one told me TIME just goes by fast once you have kids. Kaylee is my "little mommy." Since she was really little, she has always nurtured and taken care of her babies and stuffed animals. I would find (and still find) all her babies "tucked in" for bed, all over her room. They are in her bed, the closet, the floor and even in her dresser...each with a pillow and covered with a blanket. She brings me such joy! With another baby on the way, (I am due in 10 days) I wanted to make sure I did pictures to mark this huge milestone coming up. So I left her brother with daddy and we had mommy and me time. Normally, Kaylee is not too cooperative when the camera is out, but she did really well and I love how they turned out.







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