Baby Shower

My sister put on an amazing baby shower for me. I am truly thankful that I have an amazing group of friends and family who love and support me. Baby Evan will have all he needs and more...and I am still amazed at all the new things that come out for babies, even if only a few years go by. The day started off gloomy...I got worried and then it started pouring rain. I couldn't believe it. The week before I was worried about getting umbrellas to have some shade from the heat, and now it was pouring...figures :)It finally subsided, the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day.




My sister Stephanie and I:


Livie's Heart Quilt...I lost it when I opened this gift. It meant so much to me. My friend lost her baby last year to Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Since then, Livie's Grandma, Renee has started making these quilts, as a memorial to her grand daughter. She donates any and all money gained to the Ronald McDonald house. For more info you can


I am holding up an outfit my husband wore as a baby and a picture of him wearing cute!!!!


My best friend since high school, Melissa and her sister Jessica.


My friend Jeni...she is going to be my Doula. She is amazing, check out her website Jeni Mom.


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