9 Day Old Baby "G"

It was such a pleasure to work with 9 day old, 9 lb, baby "G." It took a bit of work to get her asleep, but it was worth it! As you can see, she had a full head of beautiful, dark hair and the cutest cheeks I have ever seen! Newborns are my favorite clients to work with. There is something amazing about a new baby...their look, smell, and how cute they are all bundled. All the hats and crocheted baby props are by Sandy. She has just finished a huge order and her shop will be opening soon on Etsy. As soon as it is, I will post a link. She has been so fun to work with, I tell her an idea I have and she can whip it up, flawlessly :) Below, I have always wanted to do a lady bug...I love how it turned out.







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