2010 was a busy year. I started my business, joined PPA (Professional Photographers of America), became a non-profit photographer for NILMDTS (Now I lay me down to sleep), and went to workshops for baby posing. This year I worked with close to 30 babies. I just love to photograph newborns. Personally, it has been a bitter sweet year for me. I lost my grandmother Alice on January 5th 2010. I have never experienced such a great loss or realized that months after, it could still effect me so much. She was one of my greatest supporters and always encouraged me to do what I love. I know I will see her again someday, I just miss sharing my life with her. On the bright side, I am expecting baby number 3 in June 2011. We found out it is a little boy and we couldn't be happier. I can't wait meet him and take tons of pictures of him :)
Above are some of my favorite pictures this year. It is amazing how quickly a baby grows. When I photograph them they are so small...a few weeks later they seem bigger and their faces change, that newborn "look" seems to disappear. Children are amazing!


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